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Luffy and Neko!Nami :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 5 1
Chapter 1: Surprise Feelings
Chapter 1
Among the Straw Hat Pirates, they typically didn't keep secrets away from each other. After risking life and limb for each other routinely throughout their journeys, keeping thoughts under wraps proved difficult. Along with an ever present laid-back atmosphere, the thin walls and close quarters allowed for information to pass freely from one member to the next. Without the prospect of romance or sex among them, the biggest secrets that escaped were what foods disagreed with their stomachs.
If by any chance, rested did arise, everyone would know about it immediately. That would seem like an unwritten rule of the pirate crew. The captain remained an open book for everything on his mind, and such an attitude fomented openness in everyone.
That night, through the walls that separated the boys' and the girls' rooms, sounds piqued suspicion among the shipmates. A particular variety of laughter kept some of the members of the ship awake. For the third night that week, Luffy had snuc
:iconhmfan24:hmfan24 5 1
Dwarven Hmfan24 by hmfan24 Dwarven Hmfan24 :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 Comrade is a Super Chill Guy by hmfan24 Comrade is a Super Chill Guy :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 4 2 Comrade Chillin by hmfan24 Comrade Chillin :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 2 0 Dogs Having Fun Viciously by hmfan24 Dogs Having Fun Viciously :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 2 2 1love by hmfan24 1love :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 AWL: Jin and Hayato of the Uchiha Clan by hmfan24 AWL: Jin and Hayato of the Uchiha Clan :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 Maternal Sonata: Hayato Uchiha by hmfan24 Maternal Sonata: Hayato Uchiha :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 3 0
Maternal Sonata: Crescendo
Maternal Sonata

Prologue: Good Morning, Moonless Day
by hmfan24

Crescendo: a steady increase in intensity.

Sonata: a song that is played rather than sung using two instruments with different forms and keys.
Maternal: related to motherhood.

One morning, I felt like I awoke into a oasis if that's possible. Nothing was mine – not my long, blue hair, nor my fully grown body. I couldn't find my true appearance. Not in my own reflection or the description others told to me. I still had my identity that clutched onto despite the spiraling circumstance. My name, I knew, was still Hinata Hyuuga of Konoha.
It was only yesterday.
I wasn't in my room. The Hyuuga clan wouldn't dare furnish any quarter of the room with western styled furniture. There were still tatami mats on the floors and shoji lining the walls and their bed was still a futon.
Wait...their? Suddenly, it became apparent that a pair of
:iconhmfan24:hmfan24 5 1
4 years down the road by hmfan24 4 years down the road :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 Eye Don't Know by hmfan24 Eye Don't Know :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 Gramma's House by hmfan24 Gramma's House :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0 Some Chicago Tower by hmfan24 Some Chicago Tower :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 1
Memento Mori
Light turns on
We smile we laugh
We celebrate nothing
As everything is normal and well
We fear nothing
Light turns off
We're lost in our own worlds
We fear everything
Wishing things to be normal
We mourn everything
Life doesn't tell us
When it cuts off the lights
Oblivion of the present in the future  
Is something us humans cannot forsee
For a moment we are living
For a second we perish
Remembering our mortality
Would do us a great deal
If I looked at the past then
As I look at it now
What beauty would I see
If I lived the past
as I wish to relive it
What pain would I avoid
Irony plays its part
Past distracts
Present intimidates
Future is assumed
Where am I now?
:iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0
Writing Meme '07? by hmfan24 Writing Meme '07? :iconhmfan24:hmfan24 0 0

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I plan on publishing some of my fanfictions on this website. I've just been writing One Piece stuff. I kind of feel too old, but I hope you enjoy it. Also, I think I want to write drabbles for fun, so I'll take some requests from the following fandoms:

Dragon Ball
One Piece

I miss this site. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I like writing fanfiction even though I'm in my early 20s, but hey, we're on deviantArt. I don't judge you; You don't judge me. Unless you want.

I'm an attention seeker when concerned with my works. I crave the feedback most don't want to provide. Slowly, I am learning to surmount that.

I can't draw well, but I will definitely draw more lame art.

Fellow deviant, I look forward to sharing arts, literatures and all of the above with you.


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Axcido Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^_^Nice gallery :D
minkybean Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
happy birthday
megaminoeien Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
Sketch is ready ^^


If you don't like it or it doesn't fit your idea of Ryuu, I'll try again.
megaminoeien Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
hmfan24 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
woah, you actually remembered. =D Thank you very much.

btw, do you still do free art requests or are you too swamped with commissions? ;D
megaminoeien Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
Lolz, DA gave you away...

Weeell...since it's your b-day, I can come up with something ^^ I can only guarantee lineart for now, though. What's your request?
hmfan24 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, that's fine. lol

Can you draw my OC Ryuuji Ikeda?

He has brown-reddish eyes.

Blonde hair. Sorta like - [link]

He's a bit mischievous and perverted.

He's 23 so his body would be more masculine like...

And yeah. I might've given you too much detail, but I apologize for being so late. lol. Thanks.
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LucyJOrchard Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:bug: thanks
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